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A bikepacking event to (re)discover the Vosges Mountain Range
‘’live a journey, share an adventure’’
From Saturday 2nd July to Saturday 9th July 2022
3 MTB adventures
3 Gravel adventures
300, 600 and 1000kms
Vertical Elevation: 7000m – 25000m
GPX tracks
Live Tracker

Start and Finish – Ensisheim (France)

The Tour du Massif Vosgien is an off-road bikepacking adventure, where you will discover the beauty, the diversity and the gems of the Vosges mountain range: mountains, valleys, singletracks, forest, open plains, mountain pass, lakes, vineyards, cultural and historical heritage.

You will discover amazing vistas, typical villages, altitudes lakes, and tracks zigzagging through medieval castles. The Tour du Massif Vosgien invites you to choose between challenging MTB or Gravel itineraries that will take you through some of the most beautiful and untouched natural parcs and reserves of the Vosges mountain range.

You will need to complete your ‘’journey-adventure’’ in one week maximum, or 172 hours.

More than a sport event, the TMV is a human adventure, where you will get to meet people, share experiences and emotions.

Whichever challenge you choose, you will be over the moon to complete it. A simple and sincere pleasure to share with others.

Without assistance and without organised feed stations, you will have to be open to discoveries, the unknown, the unpredictable. You will have to show resilience, humility, reflection and anticipation, and be resourceful to deal with whatever comes your way.

On occasion, there might be short hike-a-bike sections, to show you the best that the Vosges mountain range has to offer. These times will be short but intense. There are no rules, to each their own way to rise to the challenge!

‘’Live a journey, share an adventure’’

For more information and to get in touch with other participants, join the facebook group ‘’Tour Massif Vosgien’’ and start sharing with your future adventure buddies.

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Parcours / Challenges :

You can choose between:
3 Mountain Bike challenges: 300, 600, or 1000kms
3 Gravel challenges: 350, 700, or 1200kms

All TMV challenges will start and finish in Ensisheim.

Across all itineraries, you will:

Discover an exceptional natural heritage: mountains, vineyards, forest, valleys, open plains, altitude lakes and farms…

Cycle through some of the highest summits and passes in the Vosges: Grand Ballon, Ballon d Alsace, Petit Ballon, Honneck, etc.

Discover some of the most beautiful and typical Alsacien villages: Kaysersberg, Ribeauville, Riquewhir, Munster, Gerardmer

Travel back in time to discover the medieval heritage of the Vosges – countless castles and villages

Discover the history and the scars of the first and second World Wars when cycling through old battlefields, national memorials, and old concentration camps.

Discover the important religious heritage of the region, and significant places of pilgrimage (Couvent Notre Dame du Schauenberg, Mont St Odile, Rocher de Dabo, temple du Donon, …)

All TMV itineraries require good physical preparation. You will be free to manage your days in the saddle and your nights as you wish. Sleep under the stars, in the forest, at the top of a mountain, or in a vineyard, in a bed and breakfast, or an altitude farm. The choice will be yours.

A few recommendations:

Pack some warm clothes: the TMV take place at mid-altitude (300-1400m elevation), where even in summer, weather conditions can change rapidly.

Be autonomous:

  • for your sleeping if you want/have to sleep outside. It is recommended to have a light sleeping bag, a tent or a bivy.
  • In case of mechanicals. Pack some tools and have a few spares in case you break something on your bike.
  • For your energy supply for your lights and GPS. Plan around a dynamo hub or use a powerbank to power your GPS and lights in order to ride at night.
  • For your food and water. Study your itinerary, and make sure to resupply in food and water where you can.

Reglement / Terms and Conditions:


  • The TMV is not a race, but an endurance cycling ‘’brevet’’ to complete within a specified timeframe (from 2nd July 2022 8am to 9th July 2022 12pm, or 172hrs).
  • The TMV is an off-road bikepacking adventure without assistance, where participants will need to be autonomous for their navigation, rest times, food and hydration.
  • The TMV is a personal challenge that requires good physical fitness and preparation.
  • The TMV offers 3 Mountain Bike and 3 Gravel itineraries ranging from 300 to 1200kms in distance, and 7000 to 25000 m of vertical elevation.
  • Riders will have to follow their chosen itinerary (GPS track provided by the organisation) and validate specific checkpoints along the way. CP can be validated at any times, during opening hours by volunteers, or outside of these hours with riders taking a picture themselves in front of the CP. In this case, the CP will be validated in the roadbook at the finish line.

Riders’ terms and conditions:

  • Riders must be over 18 years old on the day of the start
  • Riders below 18 years old can’t participate in the event, even if they are accompanied by an adult/parent.
  • Online registration must be complete and compulsory supporting documents provided (riders can upload these during the registration process, or later on) 
  • Registration must be paid in full
  • Riders must have all the compulsory equipment (see list)
  • Riders shall be present during the event briefing
  • Riders shall respect the spirit of the TMV: caring for oneself, caring for others, respecting the environment.
  • Riders should recognise their limit and avoid putting themselves or others at risk
  • Following road rules when riding on roads sections
  • Being respectful of other cyclists, hikers, horse riders…
  • Respecting private properties
  • Respecting the environment (local flora and fauna) and leaving no trace when sleeping under the stars.
  • Following the recommendation from the event Organisers and volunteers at various checkpoints.
  • Contacting Emergency Services and the event Organisers in case of accident
  • Contacting the event Organisers in case of abandon (scratch).

List of Compulsory Equipment:

  • A Mountain Bike or Gravel Bike in good condition
  • A cycling helmet
  • A bright front light
  • A red rear light
  • A bell
  • A whistle (in case of emergency)
  • A High Vis jacket when riding at night or in low visibility conditions
  • A GPS or phone with GPS App
  • A GPS tracker provided by the event Organisers.
  • A Survival Blanket
  • A good dose of courage and a good sense of humour!

Convention / Rider’s Agreement:

This agreement is made between:

  1. ‘’Adventure Bikepacking’’, a non-profit organisation (Local Civil Code articles 21 to 79-IV), Organising the event ‘’Tour du Massif Vosgien’’.
  2. The participant whose name, address and contact details are specified in the application for this bikepacking event (referred to as « the Rider”).


The “Tour du Massif Vosgien’’ will be referred to as ‘’the Event’’

The Organization Adventure Bikepacking is the lawful owner of all rights relating to the Event, and intends to stage and manage the Event.

The Rider wishes to voluntarily enter and participate in the Event.

The Organization has agreed to accept the Rider’s entry for the Event conditional upon the Rider entering into this Agreement and participating in the Event upon and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (the « Terms of Entry ») and the Event Rules.

The Rider agrees to respect the conditions of registration and participation to the Event.

The Rider will do her/his best to refer to the Event by its official name ‘’Tour du Massif Vosgien’’

Acknowledgment of Risk:

The Rider recognises and acknowledges that participating in the Event is a potentially dangerous activity and may involve entering into certain parts of the Massif des Vosges which can be considered dangerous and unsuitable for travel due to the nature of the terrain.

The Rider is fully aware and acknowledges that all cycle sports, and accordingly participation in the Event, involve serious risk of harm, including, but not limited to, risks of accident, serious injury, including death, broken bones, head injuries, trauma, pain, fatigue, dehydration, suffering, and property damage.

The Rider additionally acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for checking and maintaining all equipment in their possession for the duration of the Event to ensure its safe use (including by way of example, wheels, brakes, tyres, helmet, and lights).

Entry and Participation:

The Rider hereby agrees to enter and participate in the Event upon and subject to the Terms of Entry and the Event Rules.

The Rider agrees to follow the Event Rules.

Entry fees are 150 euros (additional transaction fees may apply). Registration is done via the website NJUKO

During the registration process on the NJUKO website, the Rider can subscribe an optional cancellation insurance policy with BEticketing. It is recommended that the Rider subscribes to this insurance policy in order to get reimbursed in the event of a last minute cancellation for physical reasons, family reasons, or professional reasons. If the Rider does not subscribe this insurance policy, no reimbursement from the Organiser will be possible after 31st December 2021.

In the event of a reimbursement by the Organiser (cancellation before 31st December 2021), a 20 Euros fee will apply. It is not possible for the Rider to sell their entry for the Event to someone else. All registrations are final and imply full acceptance of the regulations.

The Organizers privileges postponing the event in case it could not take place at the planned dates. The Rider registration acts as acceptation of this clause.

The Rider acknowledges to have read and understood The Terms and Conditions, Agreement and Rules of the Event, and accept to follow them.

‘’SOLUSPORT’’ GPS Tracker:

The event Organizer, Adventure Bikepacking, has a partnership with the company ‘’SOLUSPORT’’ for the rental of GPS tracking devices. The Organizers will provide each Rider with one of these devices for anyone to be able to localise Riders and track their progress during the duration of the Event.

A deposit of 150 Euros for the GPS tracker must be paid to the Organisation by Bank transfer (see account details below) or cheque at the time of the Event briefing on Friday 1st July 2022.

At the end of the Event the GPS tracker must be handed over to the Organisers, or returned by mail in case of abandon during the Event. The GPS tracker must be mailed back to the following address: Pascal Chabanse, 2 rue de la fontaine. 68360 Soultz. France. The GPS tracker must be mailed back before 14th July 2022. For every day late, 10 Euros will be deducted from the deposit.

The full deposit will be refunded to the Rider by the Organiser upon return of the GPS tracker in good working order, and within the timeframe outlined above. In case of loss or damage of the GPS tracker, the deposit will be kept by SOLUSTOP, the company owning the GPS trackers.

Obligations of the Organiser:

The organisation Adventure Bikepacking, acknowledges and warrants:

  • Being the lawful owner of all the rights to organise the Event ‘’Tour du Massif Vosgien’’.
  • having the full rights, and authority to fulfil this Agreement, and to accept and perform the obligations under this Agreement.
  • to use all reasonable endeavours to organise, manage and stage the Event.
  • That it shall grant the Rider a non-exclusive royalty-free licence to use the Event name solely in connection with the Fundraising Rights and/or promoting the Rider as an entrant of the Event to prospective sponsors and for the duration the Event period.

Obligations of the Rider:

The Rider acknowledges and warrants:

  • they are or will be 18 years of age or older as at the time of the start of the Event.
  • all statements made in the Rider’s application form or otherwise to the Organization are true and accurate.
  • they are in good health and know of no reason, physical or mental, why they could not engage in multi-days long-distance cycling and participate in the Event.
  • To download via NJUKO, complete, and submit to the Organisation all compulsory documents to participate in the Event: Registration Form, Certificate of Civil Responsibility Insurance, and Medical Certificate (sport license won’t be accepted)
  • To pay by bank transfer or hand over to the Organiser a cheque of 150 Euros for the GPS tracker deposit. The deposit needs to be paid at the latest at the briefing before the start of the Event on Friday 1st July 2022.
  • They are solely responsible for ensuring both the fitness for purpose of the bicycle and equipment provided by the Rider, and the satellite tracking equipment provided by the Organization, for the duration of the Event
  • To be present at the briefing before the start of the event, Friday 1st July 2022 at 6pm (18.00hr).
  • To be present at the start of the Event on Saturday 2nd July at 8.00am 
  • To be solely responsible for determining by which route and upon what basis the Rider shall ride between the designated starting point, the designated checkpoints, and the finish during the period of the Event.

Intellectual Property:

In consideration of the acceptance of the Rider’s entry to participate in the Event by the Organization, the Rider hereby acknowledges and agrees that all Intellectual Property Rights arising from and in relation to the Event including its name, logotype, format, and films and photographs of the Event shall be exclusively vested in the Organization.

The Rider further acknowledges and agrees that they shall not obtain any right in the Intellectual Property Rights arising from, or in relation to the Event by virtue of its entry or otherwise, and they will do nothing to damage the Organization’s rights set out in the previous clause.

Media Rights:

The Rider consents in perpetuity and on a royalty-free basis throughout the Territory to:

  • the use of their names, initials, nicknames, signatures, photographs, likenesses, voices, quotations, biographical details, fame and reputation, the name and photograph of the Rider, the names and logotypes of the sponsors and suppliers who appear on the Rider’s clothing and equipment:
  • in all media (including New Media) now known or hereafter devised, including, without limitation, theatrical exhibition in cinemas, all forms of television and radio broadcasts, all print media (including, without limitation, all consumer and trade magazines and catalogues, newspapers and other periodicals), posters, banners, street vision monitors, airliners and ships, instore ads and all other point of purchase advertising and promotional materials, train and bus wraps, mobile phones, direct mail, billboards, and internet sites,
  • for all advertising, promotion, endorsement, broadcast, merchandising and/or gaming purposes of the Organization, the Commercial Partners and any other approved third parties at the discretion of the Organization.

Participant’s Guide:

The Participants’ Guide will be emailed to the Rider in June 2022

It will outline all important information about the Event as well as the Rules for the duration of the Event.

Organisation / Event Director Contacts:


2, Rue de la Fontaine.

68360 Soultz


Event Director: Pascal Chabanse

Mobile: +33 (0)6 95 25 81 76



RIB / Bank Details:

Inscriptions / Registration :

Registration cost is 150 Euros

To pay and complete the registration form, follow the link below:


Fill in the online form and download the required documents before 15th June 2022:

–        Certificate of Civil Responsibility Insurance

–        Medical Certificate (less than one year old), stating the Rider is ‘’fit for participating in repeated long-distance cycling efforts on and off-road’’.

Event limited to 99 participants

Event briefing on Friday 1st July 2022 at 6:00pm

Start will take place in Ensisheim (68190, France) on Saturday 2nd July 2022 at 8:00am

Finish in Ensisheim, at the latest on Saturday 9th July 2022 at 12:00pm (midday)

Deposit for GPS tracker is 150 Euros (to hand over at the latest on Friday 1st July at the briefing)

Included in your registration to the Event:

–        GPX file(s) for the selected challenge

–        Gapette Vera (cycling cap) ‘’Tour Massif Vosgien’’ (if registration complete before 9th May 2022).

–        Camping spot (under the stars) for Friday 1st July, with access to showers and toilets.

–        Event briefing followed by drinks and nibbles

–        GPS tracker (SOLUSPORT)

–        Brevet card to validate each checkpoint

–        Participant’s Insurance

–        Media team during the event

–        Volunteers to welcome you on the different checkpoints

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